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Europe: all forces out of Germany and Britain, plus the bits we still have in Italy. If they must stay, base them in Romania and Bulgaria--the host <a href="http://gvpighnt.com">nantios</a> are willing, the women are reasonably hot, and strategically it makes more sense, as they are simultaneously a) at a jumping-off point much closer to the Middle East for quick transition to CENTCOM operations, and b) a lot closer to Russia to keep Moscow on its toes. Oh, and immediately abandon the Bosnian and Kossovo garrisons--we are now far enough removed from the War of Clinton's Dick that even a Democrat POTUS can safely (and quietly) end that commitment.Middle East: Take the peacekeeping battalions out of the Sinai (as if Egypt is really going to attack Israel again, or as if Israel wants to occupy that wasteland again). Wind down Afghanistan. BUT, keep whatever forces we want in the region in hardened, non-urban cantonments and airfields in Iraq. Not as crazy as it sounds--the risks are manageable now, and Mesopotamia is a much more strategically sensible place to consolidate a presence that can influence the whole region. And consolidate it all--no more Army staging bases in Kuwait or Navy bases/depots in Bahrain: Gulf states are expensive in a way Iraq is not. If we must, most of the Iraq garrison can be in Kurdistan--in a couple years Erbil will not even be classified as a hardship post, and junior officers will angle for assignments there way before Korea or even Japan.East Asia: 100% out of ROK. 90% out of Okinawa...maybe keep a USMC air wing there, but no more. Navy out of Japan. Consolidate everything in that region in Guam (US territory and a solidly supportive population). If there's not enough room, I seem to recall that back in the late 70s/early 80s the Pentagon had contingency plans to re-militarize nearby Tinian. Dust 'em off: the WW2 airfields are still there, and one day's worth of bulldozing the vegetation off the runways would allow you to land half the planes in the entire Air Force there. Still cheaper than maintaining expensive bases in Japan.Latin America: spot on about Cuba, but not even far enough. Steve and others may disagree violently, but American strategists as far back as John Quincy Adams recognized that Cuba is just too close to the US to ever be truly independent from it absent foreign sponsorship. Given that, why even bother with the pretense? Whoever is POTUS when the balloon goes up should offer snap statehood to the Cubans--it'll be a once-in-a-century chance that has been contemplated pretty much since the US was founded, whatever white nationalists might want to believe. (You do know we first tried buying it outright in the Pierce Administration in the early 1850s, right? Heck, even the CSA planned on acquiring it!). Then we can offload the Puerto Ricans ASAP.There is only one place where the US should probably consider getting into where we presently are not, at least with a credible naval and air base or bases: Southeast Asia. Yes, the idea has been poison since, oh, some bit of unpleasantness in the 60s and 70s, but it's time to get our head out of the past and into the future. And that future will require stiffening the Southeast Asians into our proxies to keep the PRC ringed in that direction. One possibility includes the Navy to Cam Ranh Bay in a postcommunist Viet Nam, but I'd like to suggest we actually go cap in hand back to the Filipinos and see if we couldn't maybe set up shop somewhere like Cebu--closer to the action but far away from the main population centers and the bad memories of GI shenanigans around Clark and Subic Bay.

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